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Advance SW8000

A Higher Sweeping Standard
The SW8000™ is the most innovative ride-on sweeper on the market. With an incredible 77” sweep path and the industry’s most advanced dust control, you’ll deliver complete cleaning for a wide variety of surfaces in parking lots, warehouses, factories and more.

Benefits of SW8000 Rider Sweepers
The SW8000 is a next-level ride-on sweeper. Featuring the widest main broom in its class and dust controlled side brooms, your cleaning will be more effective and efficient. Our industry exclusive DustGuard™ uses a light mist to attack dust and debris, ensuring everything is swept into the hopper and increasing productivity by 71%.

  • Simplify operation and maximize efficiency — every major function, including brooms and dust control, can be activated from the cab
  • Ensure operator safety with our Clear-View™ design and seat-activated safety bar
  • Improve air quality with the single-piece Ultra-Web™ dust filter, delivering 98% efficiency for fine dust particles from 0.3-1.0 microns (optional HEPA filter available)
  • Invest in a sweeper that’s built to last — non-corrosive roto-molded hopper, bumper rated for up to 5 mph, motion activated 50” main broom for less wear and tear and rugged Kubota® industrial engine
  • Expedite service and repair with MaxAccess™ interlocking compartments for industry-best access to critical components

Technical specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 95″ x 64″ x 59″

Weight: 3,050 lbs.

Main Broom (L ): 50″

Side Broom Size: 26″

Cleaning Width: 77″ with Dual Side Brooms

Aisle U-Turn: 109″ (left)

Hopper Capacity: 14 cu ft

Hopper Max Dump Height: 60″

Power Source Gas/LP: Kubota 1.6L, 55 hp, EPA Tier II and CARB Tier III certified

Power Source Diesel: Kubota 1.5L, 35.5 hp, meets EPA emission standards under 40 CFR 1039.625

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