Extremely Dirty Floors? Try Double Scrubbing

Is your warehouse floor dirtier than normal, or are you trying to clean several years of build-up on your floor? Try double scrubbing.

The premise of double scrubbing is simple and it is a very effective way to clean your shop floor when typical maintenance scrubbing isn’t enough. Basically, double scrubbing is laying down chemical and solution while scrubbing on the first pass, leaving the squeegee off the floor and vacuum off, and then making a second scrubbing pass over the same area but this time with the squeegee down and vacuum on to pick up the water. This process essentially allows the soap some extra time to break up the grime while working into the pores of the concrete. Plus you’ll get an extra scrub pass on top of it.

On most standard industrial scrubbers, the squeegee has its own button or lever to operate it independently. Once everything is lowered simply press the squeegee button to raise it and clean as normal. To help clean even better you might also increase the scrub brush pressure and water/chemical levels. This will also assist in achieving a deeper and more thorough clean.

So if your industrial warehouse floor needs a little extra to get it clean, try double scrubbing.