Why Should You Clean Recovery Tanks?

Factory Cat Advance Sweeper Scrubber Maintenance Tips Houston TXYou would think that because the inside of the recovery tank always has dirty water, trash and debris in it, that washing it is counter-intuitive. It is actually one of the more crucial aspects of daily maintenance on your scrubber.

It is important that the machine not be parked for the evening without first rinsing the recovery tank. If it is not rinsed after each use various small particles, dirt and sludge will continue to build up at the bottom of the recovery tank. Over time this will actually decrease the capacity of the recovery tank and may cause problems draining the water. The debris will at some point will need to be removed and, as our technician Ricky put it, “if you don’t rinse the tank out, you may as well keep a shovel nearby.”

It’s an industrial floor scrubber, a quick rinse of the tank is perfectly fine. It doesn’t need to sparkle at the bottom, unless of course the boss says it needs to. Just ensure that most debris is cleared and that this step is taken after each use. A minute or two daily is much easier than a few hours every couple of months.